Review: Home

August 28 2016  2 comments

Home, for me, is Utah. My happiest memories were made in this valley just west of the Wasatch Mountains — a stone’s throw from my favorite hikes, hangouts, and loved ones. This year I’ve had an opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places, but nothing beats coming home. On the other…

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7 Happy Verses

August 10 2016  1 comment

Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible to narrow down hundreds of happy Bible verses into a list of seven. So, to make it easier, I’m pulling a handful from the Book of Psalms, which is where I often go when I need an extra dose of delight. Let the impossible begin! 1.  “You make known to…

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Life As A Doorkeeper

August 3 2016  1 comment

We’ve all felt it. When we stare up at the stars or survey the outstretched sea. When we study those grand historical narratives or read some great theologian’s biography. I’m talking about feeling small. Sure, we could all use a hearty slice of humble pie. We all need that Isaiah moment when we recognize how…

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The Love(s) Of My Life

July 20 2016  7 comments

Living the celibate life means facing claims that, because I’m not married or having sex, I haven’t truly experienced love. Sometimes those claims come from the culture, or worse, my own heart. While it’s true I haven’t experienced an exclusive love — the sacred “one flesh” union so many people enjoy — that doesn’t mean…

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Poem: “Answer”

June 29 2016  1 comment

Like light, which lit when those first words from God’s lips sounded through space and graced the wide abyss. Like waves, which split when the staff was lifted to the sea and an eastern wind made sand as solid as Egyptian streets. Like nets, cast down when Christ told working men to quit and follow…

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7 Happy Quotes

June 22 2016  no comments

Ain’t nothing wrong with some filler content while I’m traveling the UK with friends and family this month! Especially when it’s so TWEETABLE. Plus, who doesn’t love a good quote on happiness? Feast your eyes on some of these gems. 1.  “God made human beings as He made His other creatures, to be happy… They…

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On Orlando And The Gospel

June 12 2016  3 comments

I don’t normally comment on current events or controversies. I think it’s better to stay quiet and keep things in my heart until the storm blows over, at which time the moment has passed and I end up having not shared my thoughts at all. For today’s shooting in Orlando, I wanted to speak what’s…

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7 Happy (Country) Songs

June 10 2016  no comments

Alright, we’re gonna add a little twang to the “7 Happy Songs” series (read the first two here and here). You’ll notice these songs are SLIGHTLY dated cuz my country phase peaked in about 2007. But they still have a place on my iPod, and I’ll tell you why. 1.  “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” by…

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