John 6: Our Work Is To Believe

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Those with a desire for Christ are those to whom it is given by the Father. He draws them to his Son (v. 44), and Christ safeguards their salvation (v. 37). These and other passages throughout John 6 were personal favorites during my teen years as I transitioned to Calvinism, and they still amaze me, not merely as proof texts for the doctrines of grace, but as truths to cherish in difficult times.

But what I love even more now, as an adult who is painfully aware of his weakness and sin, is the way Jesus answers the masses when they ask, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?”

This is what we do: “Believe in him whom he has sent” (v. 29).

In other words, “Look upon the Son” (v. 40).

Or simply, “Behold.”

So often I fall into the mindset that to please God I must do and work and earn. But Jesus said our “work” is to believe in him, who DID and WORKED and EARNED on our behalf. When we sin, suffer, or backslide, our hope for rest and reconciliation doesn’t lie in our works; we need only to gaze upon the beauty of Christ and believe in him.

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  1. Stephanie

    Thank you Bryan.
    I have tried several times (for several days) to put my thoughts into a comment on this and deleted them each time. Finally it comes to this. I need to look at him more, so much more. I love to serve and really don’t ever feel like I am trying to earn my way. Instead, I see that my focus is off Him (busy bee like a Martha) and my belief in Him suffers for it.

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