Review: True Friendship

June 8 2016  1 comment

Drawing inspiration from the Book of Proverbs, Vaughan Roberts paints a picture of biblical friendship in his tiny book, True Friendship. Roberts said he designed the book to be read in roughly an hour (but encourages readers to meditate on it for much longer). I’ll stick with the brevity theme and write a review you…

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12 Questions on Love, Singleness and Marriage

June 2 2016  2 comments

Two years ago I sent twelve questions to myself via email, intending to answer them in the morning. They were sort of diagnostic questions for my soul, as I’d been struggling with singleness and what that would look like for me in the long haul. Well… Last night I found the unanswered questions buried deep…

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7 (More) Happy Books

May 25 2016  no comments

Once again, this list doesn’t include much fiction, but I did throw in a collection of poetry and some devotionals to make up for it! If you’re looking for something outside the realm of nonfiction, I made a few recommendations on the previous installment. For now, bask in these seven happy books! 1.  Stuff Christians…

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Review: Same-Sex Attraction And The Church

May 18 2016  3 comments

One clue that I was gonna love Ed Shaw’s Same-Sex Attraction and the Church… Both Wesley Hill and Rosaria Butterfield, two leading (but very different) voices on the topic, endorsed the book. Their praise is printed alongside blurbs from Russell Moore, Justin Taylor, and Michael Horton — familiar names among evangelicals. I’m also told this was…

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Why Repress Your Sexuality?

May 11 2016  6 comments

I’m not sure I could be any more open about my sexuality (notice I’m saying this on the internet). But when you’re a celibate Christian who deals with same-sex attraction, this question comes with the territory. Mostly from skeptics or progressives who think submitting to God’s will is akin to sexual repression. I guess they…

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God, What Are You Doing?

May 4 2016  7 comments

Last year I was going through a particularly hard time — one of those days when everything seems to come crashing down at once. And yes, it had something to do with being gay and Christian and celibate and fighting the good fight. Not every day is peachy, even when you have a website called…

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Review: Forbidden Friendships

April 20 2016  4 comments

One of my dear friends is a divorced mom of two. When I was planning a trip to California last year, she invited me to stay with her family to save on hotel costs. I was super excited to spend time with them — catching up on life, staying up late, not being jolted awake…

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Jesus Will Complicate Your Life

April 13 2016  9 comments

I was just a boy when I became a Christian, still building forts, climbing trees, and using my superpowers to conquer the world. It was simple faith in the beginning. I wasn’t aware of the demands Jesus would make on my life, much less the sexual ethic I’d committed to before I’d ever thought about…

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