John 21: Weak, Unworthy, Loved

August 31 2020  no comments

I’m always amazed how kind and gentle Jesus is to his friends on this particular morning — the same friends who fell asleep, cowered, ran away, denied him in his darkest hour. These men, like me, were weak and unworthy disciples. But Jesus doesn’t scold them, guilt them, or abandon them, although their sins and…

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John 20: Belief Moving Forward

August 28 2020  1 comment

“Do not disbelieve, but believe.” The words that the risen Christ spoke to Thomas so often speak to me — the simplicity, the truth, the conviction, the encouragement. Yesterday was a day when everything I did seemed to be born from disbelief, a lack of faith. Jesus’ words helped me to confess and seek reconciliation…

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John 19: Christ The Innocent

August 27 2020  no comments

It’s always painful to read the story of Pilate, who knows and publicly proclaims Christ’s innocence, and still approves of him being flogged and crucified. Yet this is exactly what we believe as Christians: that he who knew no sin was punished on our behalf. Pilate’s motives were evil and cowardly; but “God the just”…

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John 18: Joy In The End

August 26 2020  2 comments

I’ve often identified with Peter, who denied the very man he said he would die for. I know the pain of being unfaithful to my dearest friend. I know the feeling of going from devotee to deserter, sometimes within minutes. It’s a strange sort of comfort, this solidarity with Peter. The failure itself doesn’t comfort…

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John 17: When Jesus Prays For Me

August 25 2020  no comments

In this passage, I’m in awe of how Scripture is revealed to us, straight from the Spirit, to give a full account of these words that Jesus spoke to the Father. Only God himself could give us access to this moment in history. He didn’t have to, but he did. And to know that Jesus,…

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John 16: Take Heart!

August 24 2020  1 comment

“In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (v. 33) I love how forthright Christ is when he promises trouble. Ease will be the exception. Peace, an anomaly. But then, there’s a glorious juxtaposition: he has overcome it. In fact, Jesus experienced it firsthand, as God in the…

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John 15: Abiding Love

August 21 2020  no comments

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.” (v. 9) Wow! This has got to be one of the most shocking verses in the Bible. One of those things you wouldn’t believe if it weren’t right there in front of you. But Jesus said it and he cannot…

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John 14: Triune Love

August 20 2020  no comments

This passage is packed with truths about the Trinity — a glimpse into the relationship and roles of Father, Son, and Spirit, each intimately involved in our lives. I so often focus on Jesus, the man among the Godhead. That’s one reason the Son took on flesh — to be an approachable mediator who can…

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