John 8: Face To Face With Jesus

August 12 2020  no comments

I’m with R.C. Sproul on this one; I believe the story of the woman caught in adultery is a true event based on eyewitness accounts, which is why scribes tried several times to place it into various texts. Somehow it landed in John 8, and I’m glad it did. I love the mystery behind it.…

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John 7: The Polarizing Christ

August 11 2020  no comments

What a polarizing figure Jesus is! One group wanted to crown him king, another wanted to kill him. His own siblings, who for years slept under the same roof, didn’t recognize him as the Messiah. Questions arose about his trustworthiness, his education, his morality. At best, people thought he was unstudied; at worst, demon-possessed. All…

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John 6: Our Work Is To Believe

August 10 2020  no comments

Those with a desire for Christ are those to whom it is given by the Father. He draws them to his Son (v. 44), and Christ safeguards their salvation (v. 37). These and other passages throughout John 6 were personal favorites during my teen years as I transitioned to Calvinism, and they still amaze me,…

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John 5: A Question Of Desire

August 7 2020  2 comments

“Do you want to be healed?” (v. 6) This Jesus asked the paralyzed man outside the pool of Bethesda — a man who suffered for nearly four decades, without a friend to carry him to the water. He certainly had a need to be healed. But the question posed here is one of DESIRE, and…

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John 4: A Heart For Sinners

August 6 2020  2 comments

Much like the wedding miracle in Cana, Jesus often worked behind the scenes and purposely far away from those in power. At the faintest whiff of fame, he snuck away to — of all places — Samaria. And there takes place one of my favorite encounters with a sinner, the woman at the well, whose…

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John 3: Friend Of The Bridegroom

August 5 2020  2 comments

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” (v. 30) The humility of John the Baptist always amazes me. He looked, dressed, and ate like a wild man, and was ridiculed, jailed, and beheaded, yet Jesus said there was “no one greater” than John the Baptist (Matthew 11:11). That’s probably because of John’s laser-focused mission to…

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John 2: A Picture Of Salvation

August 4 2020  2 comments

What always surprises me about the story of Jesus turning water into wine in John 2 is how Jesus performs the miracle but it’s the bridegroom who gets the credit. “When the master of the feast tasted the water now become wine, and did not know where it came from (though the servants who had…

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John 1: Behold The Lamb

August 3 2020  2 comments

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (v. 29) What struck me this time while reading John 1 is the title “Lamb of God.” It’s a phrase I’ve read and sung a thousand times, but today it sprang off the page: Lamb of [belonging to] God. Unlike the millions…

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