1. I have power to either approve comments, or delete them into oblivion. I’ll approve most anything, unless it’s RIDICULOUS — things that are nasty, crude, thoughtless, or spammy. However, I will happily approve criticisms, disagreements, honest questions, and fiery rebuttals.
  1. I will typically use the terms “gay” and “same-sex attracted” interchangeably, except when I need to distinguish them for clarity. People have various reasons for using the term “gay” (and for not doing so), but I don’t want to get tangled up in word gymnastics or language policing here. In most scenarios and in most contexts, “gay” and “SSA” are one and the same.
  1. A book review, for me, means giving an overall summary of the book, and following up with something like “I loved it” or “Not my favorite.” I won’t normally do a point-by-point critique. Honestly, if I post a “book review,” it’s probably just to prove to you that I’ve read something.
  1. I hope to address emails and comments and typos and glitches in a timely manner, but it may not be until the wee morning hours.
  1. I’m not an expert in theology, but I will always try to be faithful to Scripture. I have two degrees in English and have spent zero time in seminary, so sometimes my writing is going to be better than my theology. However, I’ve been a Christian for many years, and Christians are, by default, theologians. So I’ll try my best to live up to that title. Please be patient and show grace when I say something stupid.