John 3: Friend Of The Bridegroom

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“He must increase, but I must decrease.” (v. 30)

The humility of John the Baptist always amazes me. He looked, dressed, and ate like a wild man, and was ridiculed, jailed, and beheaded, yet Jesus said there was “no one greater” than John the Baptist (Matthew 11:11). That’s probably because of John’s laser-focused mission to glorify the Messiah. Although he was related to Jesus by blood, John’s primary role was to prepare the way, which required him to joyfully decrease so that Christ’s glory would increase. He was content to simply be “the friend of the bridegroom” (v. 29). May the same be true of me.

2 comments on “John 3: Friend Of The Bridegroom

  1. stephanie

    Thank you Bryan.
    May the same be true of me too.
    In my thoughts and breath throughout my days…
    Inhale – More of you Oh Lord to your glory
    Exhale – less of me Oh Lord to your glory
    sometimes just…
    Inhale – More of you
    Exhale- Less of me

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