John 14: Triune Love

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This passage is packed with truths about the Trinity — a glimpse into the relationship and roles of Father, Son, and Spirit, each intimately involved in our lives.

I so often focus on Jesus, the man among the Godhead. That’s one reason the Son took on flesh — to be an approachable mediator who can sympathize with my weakness, who lived the entire human experience from birth to death, but without sin. As “God with us,” it’s natural to gravitate toward him.

But the Father and Spirit love me, too. In John 14, Jesus assures his friends that in his physical absence the entire Godhead would be with them to comfort, teach, and uphold them. They wouldn’t be left as orphans, because the FATHER would send the SPIRIT to remind them of what the SON taught them. They wouldn’t see Jesus, hear his voice or lean against his bosom or walk with him in the way they had before, but they’re left with a promise that God would still be with them “forever.”

I need this assurance, too, as I fret about the future, the state of this world, the flux and flow of my sanctification. “Let not your heart be troubled.” God — Father, Son, and Holy Ghost — is with me.

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