Death Redeemed And Reimagined

October 17 2016  1 comment

Today I spent a couple hours walking through the wreckage that is autumn. In the spring, my afternoon walks are ripe with resurrection imagery — buds, blossoms, butterflies. Everything whispers “new life” and I’m emboldened to hope in the risen Christ. It’s like a sermon: “Behold, I make all things new.” But today, smack in…

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14187804 - old train carriage in the desert with a rainbow painted on it

Regarding Storms

October 1 2016  2 comments

Tonight I sat on the porch and watched the storm roll through. The lightning was beautiful, the way it struck in silence, for a nanosecond brightening the drenched landscape, then disappearing again into the black. I did the thing where you count the seconds between the lightning and thunder to see how many miles away…

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26344906 - music kids

7 Happy Songs (Part 4)

September 24 2016  1 comment

1.  “Mmlj” by the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers. (I love saying the title out loud!) An acronym for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, this song reminds me that DAILY NOURISHMENT comes from the gospels. The lyrics are so joyful, and the singers have voices to match! 2.  “I Will Never Let You Down” by Rita…

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Interview: SSA, Singleness And The Church

September 5 2016  1 comment

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining two great guys at The Rugged Marriage for a conversation about same-sex attraction, singleness, and the Church. We talked about other stuff, too — music and tea and something called “Florida Man.” Let me tell you, I’d much rather type my thoughts from the safety of my laptop…

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FAQ 009

Why Can’t You Just Be Gay?

September 1 2016  24 comments

If anyone has a reason to search Scripture for an “out,” a way to be in a gay relationship and yet remain within the bounds of God’s will for sexuality, it’s me — the Christian who experiences ongoing same-sex attraction. Trust me, I’ve heard arguments from Matthew Vines, Justin Lee, and others who try to…

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Home Review

Review: Home

August 28 2016  2 comments

Home, for me, is Utah. My happiest memories were made in this valley just west of the Wasatch Mountains — a stone’s throw from my favorite hikes, hangouts, and loved ones. This year I’ve had an opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places, but nothing beats coming home. On the other…

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25151368 - bible on table with pages folded into heart shape

7 Happy Verses

August 10 2016  1 comment

Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible to narrow down hundreds of happy Bible verses into a list of seven. So, to make it easier, I’m pulling a handful from the Book of Psalms, which is where I often go when I need an extra dose of delight. Let the impossible begin! 1.  “You make known to…

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5847741 - old wooden church door in eisenach, germany (europe) with copy space.

Life As A Doorkeeper

August 3 2016  1 comment

We’ve all felt it. When we stare up at the stars or survey the outstretched sea. When we study those grand historical narratives or read some great theologian’s biography. I’m talking about feeling small. Sure, we could all use a hearty slice of humble pie. We all need that Isaiah moment when we recognize how…

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