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7 (More) Happy Movies

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1.  Lost in Austen — This miniseries is an absolute treasure. Pride and Prejudice plus time travel? Yes, please! If I’m ever at home sick, I’m watching this. It’s medicine for my soul.

2.  Signs — OK, maybe it’s not the happiest movie ever (it was marketed as a horror) but it’s happy for Calvinists like me. The spiritual themes are just so… predestined. And the score is AMAZING!

3.  Henry Poole is Here — Another movie that could be considered “magic realism,” my favorite genre. It’s about how neighbors become family when an apparition of the Virgin Mary appears in a water stain. The Mexican-Irishman in me loves a splash of Catholic.

4.  Sister Act 2 — Back in the day, kids made fun of me for loving this movie, but it’s kind of a cult classic now. So there, suckas! I was SO ahead of my time. Oh, and don’t act like you haven’t sung along to “Oh Happy Day” and tried to hit that high note: “When Jesus waaaaaaaaaashed my sins away!”

5.  Beauty and the Beast — On film or stage, Disney doesn’t come any closer to perfection. I’m primarily attracted to men, but seriously, Belle is a certified hottie! And that opening sequence is GENIUS.

6.  School of Rock — Love me some Jack Black. Everything he says and does is HILARIOUS to me. Plus, the cute little cussing kids just melt my heart.

7.  Troop Beverly Hills — There’s a touch of nostalgia here, as this aired pretty much every night on TV when I was a kid. But there’s so much fun and humor, too! Not to mention that catchy song, “It’s Cookie Time,” which makes you want to dance and gorge on Girl Scout cookies at the same time!

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7 Happy Movies

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Let me tell you about seven movies that make me happy. Every. Time. Just like real life, some of these films have sad moments — and I LOVE those moments. I embrace the emotion as part of the whole experience. Some of these may not be your typical “feel good” movies, but they’re my seven happy movies.

1.  The Sound of Music — Don’t EVEN think about hating on Julie. She’s pure perfection in this cinematic classic, as is every single musical number (except “Something Good”… Blah.) I’ve loved this movie since boyhood, and will love it until I’m bald and brittle and bedridden.

2.  Life is Beautiful — How can a movie about the Holocaust be even remotely happy? Perspective. Just TRY not to cry as this devoted father keeps hope alive for his young son while detained at a Nazi concentration camp. Mostly by telling him lies, but still…

3.  About Time — I’m kind of obsessed with this genre called “magic realism,” which includes movies like Ruby Sparks, Timer, Stranger Than Fiction, and The Purple Rose of Cairo. For me, About Time stands above the rest in terms of pure emotion. I cry at all the same spots every time I watch it, which is maybe once every full moon.

4.  Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! — Chick flick alert! And I don’t even care. It’s one of those movies that I love because of the nostalgia, not because it’s Oscar-worthy. My friend Yvonne and I have seen this almost as many times as we’ve hung out… So, countless?

5.  Pride and Prejudice — I’m all about the Keira Knightley version. Mostly because I haven’t seen the BBC version. Can you believe it? I’m told I would love it, but six hours is a big commitment, and I’m already too in love with the 2005 film. Especially the MUSIC!

6.  Spellbound — When I first saw this documentary about a spelling bee, I thought it was a mockumentary, because it’s that funny. But it’s totally real. Which is why I’ve watched it more times than I count. I don’t think it’s helped with my spelling, though.

7.  Dear Frankie — Heartwarming story. Scottish accents. Gerard Butler. Need I say more?